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Beyond Grooming, It's a Style Evolution

Experience the art of grooming in a space that celebrates refined style and personal expression. Our skilled barbers are dedicated to delivering cuts that go beyond the ordinary, providing a tailored experience that leaves you confident, inspired, and always a cut above the rest.

About Us

At Moe’s Barbershop, our essence is defined by a team united in an unwavering dedication to excellence and the provision of exceptional grooming services. Our assembly of seasoned professionals shares a collective passion for the art of grooming, forming a mosaic of skill, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail.

Within the heart of our barbershop, each member of our team is not merely a barber but an artist, contributing a unique set of talents and styles. This synergy results in a harmonious blend of expertise that caters to a diverse range of client preferences.

Discover the embodiment of skillful craftsmanship and personalized care at Moe’s Barbershop, where every haircut is a testament to our commitment to your individual style and satisfaction.

Our Services

Discover grooming excellence with precision haircuts, expert beard grooming, professional nail services, and rejuvenating facials. Elevate your style and confidence with our expert offerings.



Transform your style with precision cuts and on-trend looks that reflect your individuality.



Shape and define your facial style with expert beard grooming for a polished, confident look.



Indulge in professional manicures and pedicures for perfectly groomed hands and feet.



Experience rejuvenation with tailored facial treatments for a radiant and refreshed complexion.

Our happy customers

Crafting Confidence, Shaping Stories

Unveil the stories of transformation as we transcend the ordinary and redefine grooming experiences at Moe’s Barbershop. With razor-sharp precision and an unwavering commitment to style, we’ve empowered thousands to move beyond the mundane and embrace a new era of confidence.

Heath Frantzen



This place treats you like a king! They are total pros and make me feel like there’s a red carpet beneath my feet every time I visit. The friendly staff know more about men’s grooming than anyone else in Dubai, and are happy to teach you the best tricks and tips to have you looking your best every single day, let alone upon leaving the salon. Pro tip: I get the signature package with the express facial. Worth every penny.

Ollie Ezell III (Oliver)



A visit to Moe’s Barbershop in Dubai Marina is more than just an appointment, it’s a luxurious experience. I recently had the pleasure of indulging in a manicure, pedicure, and a haircut, and I must say, it was an absolute treat! Whether you’re a resident or just visiting Dubai, I highly recommend treating yourself to their services. It’s not just about looking good but also feeling great!

Marco Vittorio Alloni


I went to Moe’s Barbershop and the hairstylist was Giovanni.
He understood my preferences perfectly and executed the cut with precision. The attention to detail and friendly atmosphere made it a great overall experience. Highly recommended!
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